Pinball Led

Trading 2013 - 2019

Europes first choice in Pinball Led's

Stern Star Trek



Shipping to you Beginning of December 2013


Game "USS Vengeance" Custom-Molded Animated Ship Model

Attractions Single Drop Target Protects "USS Vengeance" with Memory and Reset

Magnetic Ball Lock behind single "USS Vengeance" Drop Target can hold Multiple Balls

"USS Vengeance" Disintegrator, Super-Speed Ball Kicker Protects Ship & Fires Balls

All LED Playfield G.I. and Control Lamps

7 Tri-Colored LED Star Trek Shield Emblem Custom Molded Inserts

LED Flashers throughout Playfield



3 Flippers--1 Left and 2 right

18 Mission Game Progression

Captain's Chair Wizard Modes

Fire Button and Laser-Cut Fire Button Plate, Powder Coated in

Starfleet Blue

Super Flash Spinning Target with Holographic Motion

Targets 1/2" Stand-Up Targets - (5)

1" Stand-Up Targets - (8)

1.5" Stand-Up Targets - (1)

Ramps Stainless Steel Shooter Lane Ramp

2 Wide-Entrance Combo Ramps

Warp Feedback Ramp Fed by 3rd Flipper

Chrome Wireform Flipper Return Lane Tubes

Additional Left Eject Kicker Lock

3 High Speed Pop Bumpers

2 High-Powered Slingshot Mechanisms

2 Electric Gates in Orbit Lanes

Shot Behind Upper Right Flipper to Shooter Lane

8 Opto Sets for Reliable Ramp and Magnet Switching

Backglass Star Trek "Starfleet" Pro Translite



New Powdercoated Steel and Plywood Backbox with 2-Bolt Quick Assembly & Security and Dual Latch Lockdown Bar

Unique Star Trek "Starfleet" Pro Hi-Definition Themed Cabinet Artwork

Black ABS Plastic Bottom Arch

# Of Balls 4 Pinballs

Coin Mech Traditional Coin Door

Rules Easy-to-follow Game Rules with Depth for Experts


Call for details

ST PINBALL LOGO Star Trek Resize (9)