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By David Mainwaring, Apr 24 2017 07:31PM

Fish Tales Pinball

Loads of fun with lots of multiball action. Try and beat video mode.

Fully kitted out with Premium 2 Led's including General Illuminaton and flashers.

New lightning flippers and rebuilt.

Coloured coodinated back glass and working topper.

New Rubbers installed and new balls.

Cleaned and fully checked.

Plays superb.

You can always trade in your machine.

By David Mainwaring, Oct 18 2016 01:20AM

Scared Stiff will be available in a few weeks. It is currently being stripped down. Cleaned and fitted with full set of Premium 2 Led's. Including back box colour theme, Flashers and General Illumination. All worn out parts are being replaced. This is a great candidate for restoring to it's full glory. Phone now for a viewing when ready. Like all our other machines on here will be gone very soon.

By David Mainwaring, May 26 2015 10:00AM

This pinball machine is a 6 player machine. Using the largest DMD and kitted out with a full set of led's and colour coordinated back box. Cliffy's fitted to protect both out holes. Machine playfield is mylared and in excellent condition with no wear. Cabinet decals are also tremendous with no fading. Play 2, 3,4,5 and 6 ball multi-ball on this exciting and fun machine. Super bands are fitted. Be quick won't be here for long!

By David Mainwaring, Dec 30 2014 11:24AM

A really nice example of this very sought after pinball machine. Excellent through out and fully kitted out with premium 2 led's. No wear to playfield and fully restored to optimum condition. You won't find one that plays better than this.

By David Mainwaring, Dec 30 2014 11:23AM

This pinball machine includes full set of top of the range premium 2 led's, flashers and G.I. Fully restored and about the best ever fun you will get out of a pinball machine. Fully stripped down to the last nut and bolt. Flame polished ramps every thing worn replaced.

These are the current pinball machines we have for sale. We would consider part exchange on any pinball machine. We would prefer you to play and inspect all pinball machines before committing yourself. Courier can be arranged from £85 to deliver your pinball machine to your door.

Pinball Machines for Sale


Pinball machine Fully Serviced. All items checked and replaced if faulty.

Collectors Condition pinball machine.

Pinball machine has been Shopped. Full playfield stripdown. Rubbers & Star posts replaced with new. Slingshots, pop bumpers and flippers rebuilt. Playfield deep cleaned and triple waxed.

Full Colour DMD Display Installed to this pinball machine.

Pinball machine cabinet has been proffesionally redecalled

Full Pinball Led UK top of the range kit has been fitted to this pinball machine. Inserts, G.I. Flashers and Backbox.

Shaker motor professionally fitted to this pinball machine.

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Pinball Machines for Sale

Pinball Machines for Sale