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Europes first choice in Pinball Led's

Dear David,


I have quite a few machines and most have leds. I wanted to try the Premium 2 from Pinball Led UK. They arrived next working day! I fitted them and wow they look fantastic not only do they look more like old fashioned type bulbs but the colour contrast is amazing.


David helped me choose the right colour scheme and spent some time on the telephone with me. His heart is really in the hobby and couldn’t do enough for me. I will never shop anywhere else after this fantastic experience. Great customer service. Keep it up!


Graham Dean / Kent


Dear David,


I felt I had to send you this email to thank you for such an incredible service. The led’s I ordered yesterday arrived first thing this morning which I have to say is a world record. I was over the moon to say the least as I normally have to wait 3 or 4 days for delivery of pinball related goodies!


Also, the leds are THE best I've ever tried and I’ve tried most of them! Great brightness and much easier to install with the wires on all 4 ”sides”.


So, thanks again and keep up the good work!


Regards, Dave Hasler


Hi David,


Just want to thank you for your expertise and help regarding upgrading my Bram Stoker's Dracula pinball machine to full LED's.


Out of all the LED's I bought, a couple didn't work, I spoke to David and he was really understanding and sent replacements straight away.


David also helped me with the settings on my machine to reduce power now that it is using LED's.

I am really happy with the results, so bright and colourful, my girlfriend commented to say it looks like a new machine.


I took David's recommendation and opted for the premium LED's for most of the illumination.


Thanks again David,


I look forward to dealing with you in the near future,


Chris from Beckenham

Hi David,


I'd been thinking about LEDs bulb for a while but was always put off by the cost, then I saw Pinball-LED's ground breaking prices and though I'd give them a try.


I ordered a set for my Addams Family pin and was very impressed, it takes years off a machine and makes it look like the newer generation of Stern Pinballs. The kit was supplied with good documentation showing where the bulbs go and David from the sales team was very helpful.


I've since ordered a set for my Hook machine and my Guns'n'Roses, I can't see myself going back to ordinary bulbs again.




Eddie Goulding


Director of Gaming at



Second time returning customer!


My first order from you was 1st class, lovely bright bulbs that have honestly brought my old 1975 Gottlieb pinball back to life!  


Your prices are extremely competitive and with your super-fast delivery i would not shop anywhere else!


Thanks, yours,Geoff

Hi David,


Just to say I was really happy with the LED's you sent. They work fine on my Gottlieb machine on both the GI and switched lamps.


"Warm white" are great general replacements for the filament lamps and they don't look out of place.


Carlos Stein

Stein Electronics/Stein-Time Music





Thanks David


I want the best for my machines and I use  led's for all my machines. Great prices and top quality.

I highly recommend them.


Daniele Celestino Acciari


Ranked worlds number #1 player at time of ordering.

Dear David,


I have 3 pinball machines and have just finished fitting all out with Pinball LED bulbs done over a period of a few months.

I have tried a few types of LED but Pinball LED's have been by far the best quality for the best price whilst producing the best results.


They really make the tables pop whilst reducing heat and being more efficient and everyone comments on the lights when they see them now.

The service is second to none, I've never received a faulty bulb and David is very knowledgeable when it comes to the games and types of bulbs to use for the best results. He has also been very helpful with a number of questions along the way.


Unfortunately for now 3 games is my limit but if I do ever expand Pinball LED's will be first point of contact to improve any table. It is worth every penny and I can't recommend Pinball LED's enough.


Thank you David you are a gent.


David C. of Cardiff



Daniele Acciari

Hi David,


My custom LED conversion is done on Star Trek the Next Generation and I am very happy with it. My friend who has been working with pins for 20 years also commented that it was the best example he had seen.


Julian F

Sale of Tron Pinball Machine


Great service!, always there to help and the courier you recommended was well priced and  worked hard to deliver when we asked. Excellent machine, plays very well and in top condition.


Thanks again,


Chris and Emma

Dear David


Good afternoon, I want to thank you for the great service provided by your staff of the site bought some flash LEDs #89 and arrived perfect. My machine pinball terminator 2 was spectacular, I live in Brazil and I thank you for your honesty and many great services to all countries, I hope to get more products from you. Best regards.


Fernando, Brazil

Hi David,


Just wanted to let you know how my experience with your LED's is. I received my insert set for my Road show a few days ago and I got to install them this weekend. I chose the SMD Premium Leds for this machine as there are many little inserts on the lower playfield which I did not want to become too bright. As I have gotten used to, all leds worked right away and I do not notice any ghosting. After installation I put the Pinball on test mode and checked every LED one by one, also keeping an eye for other inserts that might be ghosting. No such thing.


The provided insert set was very nice because instead of just giving all whites for the white inserts, the set provided different colors for the white inserts. In that way the fairly uninspired white  inserts on the lower playfield become much nicer with reds and blues at the border striped inserts and white, yellow and orange inserts for the little round inserts. It just makes the playfield much more enjoyable and a joy to watch in attract mode.


All in all very satisfied (also with the glazed dome leds for the GI and the backbox) with the outcome of the ledification (is that a word ? ;-) )


Greetings Ronald


Hi David,

Just like to thank you for your good service and advice, I have been very happy with your kits and individual LED’s. Great colours and quality LED’s. So far I have had Fish Tales, Jack*bot, Roadshow and Star Trek The Next Generation. More orders to follow I’m sure.

You can’t be beaten on quality, customer service and price.

I wish you all the best,


David M.